Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement

As a volunteer in 最新麻豆原创, I understand that I have been authorized by the Site Supervisor/Director or Principal to act as a "school official" subject to the directions and control of the school's administrators and teachers. As a school official, I may under limited circumstances, have access to student education records, health records, and other information in connection with my authorized duties. Student education records include all records, files, documents and other materials that contain personally identifiable information on any student, as well as the personally identifiable information itself (including but not limited to student grades and test scores). 

I will not discuss with others, while serving as a volunteer or when no longer in a volunteer role, the content of any specific student education or health records nor will I disclose student education records, personally identifiable student information in such records, or other information regarding any student that may reasonably be considered confidential. 

While in the possession and control of student education or health records, and while handling, distributing, organizing, mailing, or filing student records, I understand and agree that I must protect those records from being viewed or obtained by non authorized individuals. 

I understand and agree that questions about the content of student education and health records must be directed to a 最新麻豆原创 employee who is authorized to review the records and provide information regarding their content. As a volunteer, I understand and agree that I should state that I am not authorized to provide information regarding student records. 

I will never take any student education or health records off campus unless authorized in writing by the Site Supervisor/Director or Principal or his/her designee. 

I must report any breach or suspected breach in the confidentiality of student education or health records immediately upon my discovery thereof to the Site Supervisor/Director or Principal, or his/her designee. I understand and agree that my failure to maintain the confidentiality of student education records and personally identifiable information to which I am given access may disqualify me from further service as a volunteer in 最新麻豆原创. 

I have read the above Volunteer Agreement and Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement, have been given the opportunity to ask questions to ensure that I understand them, and agree to abide by their terms. 

Revised 2/7/2022


Volunteer Agreement 

Please carefully read each item governing the terms and conditions of volunteer service in 最新麻豆原创.
1. I understand that volunteer service is a privilege that may be granted, denied or revoked at any time in 

the 最新麻豆原创's sole discretion.
2. As a 最新麻豆原创 volunteer, I have accepted the responsibility to be available as indicated on my Volunteer 

Application (which may be revised from time-to-time as necessary) and if unable to serve as 

scheduled, I will notify the school office as soon as possible.
3. I understand and agree that as a 最新麻豆原创 volunteer, I will be subject to the direction and control of the 

Site Supervisor/Director or Principal of the school, or their designees.
4. I will wear my identification badge at all times when I am providing volunteer services for 最新麻豆原创 

5. For every child I interact with or observe as a volunteer, I understand that I am obligated to report any 

known or suspected child abuse to the teacher, counselor, Site Supervisor/Director or Principal. 

6. I WILL NOT transport children, staff or school guests in my own vehicle unless I have completed 

and submitted a Volunteer Field Trip Driver Application Form and which form has been approved by 

the site administrator. 

7. I understand and agree that I am not authorized to drive any vehicle owned, rented or leased by 最新麻豆原创. 

8. I WILL NOT contact parents, guardians or emergency contact persons unless directed to do so by the 

Site Supervisor/Director or Principal or their designees.
9. I will conduct myself in a friendly, courteous manner and not show partiality toward any student, and 

will remain neutral in my speech and actions with respect to religion and politics at all times that I am 

engaged in volunteer activities with students.
10. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform the Site Supervisor/Director or Principal of any 

health/medical issue that may impair my ability to or prevent me from properly carrying out the 

duties and responsibilities of the volunteer service to which I have been assigned.
11. I understand and agree that as a 最新麻豆原创 volunteer I am subject to all applicable 最新麻豆原创 policies/regulations 

and to all directives from authorized 最新麻豆原创 officials.
12. I will immediately report any injury I sustained during the course of my volunteer work. I understand 

that as a volunteer I am NOT covered under 最新麻豆原创's workers' compensation insurance and if injured 

while volunteering may be responsible for the costs associated with any such injury.
13. As a 最新麻豆原创 volunteer, I understand I am covered by 最新麻豆原创 liability insurance as long as I comply with 

applicable 最新麻豆原创 policies/regulations and directives from authorized 最新麻豆原创 officials, if I immediately notify the Site Supervisor/Director or Principal of any occurrence that may result in a claim. 

14. I understand that I may not photograph or publish photographs of students without consulting the front office on which students have opted out of media coverage.

Revised 2/7/2022