Centennial High School

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Address: 330 East Laurel Street, Fort Collins 80524
Phone: 970-488-4940

History and Culture

Centennial High School is a small, student-centered, diploma-focused alternative high school whose approach is grounded in relationships, high expectations, and personal accountability. Centennial incorporates a social, emotional, and behavioral approach using the nationally recognized Discovery Model. Discovery, the student’s first challenge at Centennial, enables them to identify what obstacles may be getting in the way, and then to make changes needed for success. Discovery is the foundation and allows the CHS community to cultivate a culture of dignity and respect where all students are seen and held to the same high standards.

Centennial strives to help students change their view of school. “When I am faced with choices, I have learned that taking the road less traveled, or sometimes the more difficult road, can actually take me right where I need to be. Centennial not only changed my views of school completely but changed the way I saw my future and helped me find what was truly important to me. I caught my vision.”  K.R., CHS Class of 2020

Academics and Activities

Following the graduation of Discovery, students enter the five-period academic day where they work on meeting the 最新麻豆原创 graduation requirements.  Students at Centennial have the same academic opportunities in high school and the same post-secondary options as any other 最新麻豆原创 student including concurrent enrollment, internships, scholarships, and future opportunities. Centennial is a diverse, inclusive community that has a strong support system for all students to “Catch their Vision” of their high school diploma.

Centennial has a 30-year history of graduating self-reliant, confident, compassionate citizens who are well-prepared for life upon graduation. To hear CHS student perspectives,

Centennial offers:

  • Hexter schedule: Condenses the amount of time to focus on the learning experience. Grades are transcripted every six weeks, giving students the ability to experience short-term success leading to long-term goals.
  • Four-day academic week: A Tuesday through Friday school schedule condenses the amount of time on campus and focuses the learning experience while allowing the student more time if they hold an hourly job.
  • Small class sizes are capped at 18, allowing for individualized, one-on-one learning experiences.
  • Inclusive and friendly community: Common language and norms, first name basis, rituals and traditions create a strong, close-knit community that students often refer to as their “CHS Family.” 
  •  Alternative approaches in methodology: Individualized instruction, choice theory, student-centered approach to the learning experience, special education services and 504 plans honored according to student need.
  • Closed campus provides structure and safety for students.
  • Dynamic and responsive counseling department that is invested in the well-being, academic success and futures of every student.
  • Health and Wellness Center on campus offers integrated and comprehensive medical and behavioral health care to any 最新麻豆原创 student who enrolls for care, regardless of their financial status. Students are ready to learn if they are healthy.
  • Work-based learning: Students can earn elective credits for hours worked at a job through ACE. 
  • Concurrent enrollment and FRCC opportunities for all students to earn dual credit through concurrent enrollment, internships, scholarships and other post-secondary opportunities.