Olander School for Project-Based Learning

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Address: 3401 Auntie Stone Street, Fort Collins 80526
Phone: 970-488-8410

History and Culture
Olander School, opened in 1990, is named for retired teachers Emil and Eleanor Olander. Olander was the first elementary school in Colorado to offer Project-Based Learning (PBL), starting in 2009.

PBL teaches students at each grade level to work in teams on long-term multidisciplinary projects that are structured around rich, real-world, and relevant questions.

Academics and Activities
At Olander, students are taught 21st century skills with an emphasis on establishing a strong foundation in literacy, math, and civic responsibility through student-centered projects and individual-inquiry.

With a focus on the development of the whole child, Olander integrates arts and technology education throughout the curriculum. During projects, for example, students may be writing and directing their own performance or creating their own website. Enrichment activities include gifted and talented services, student council, choir, robotics, running, mountain biking, unicycle, Spanish, Kids Care, broadcast news clubs, guest speakers, and field trips.